Home improvement projects can be overwhelming as you explore all the options available.

At Tri-County Contracting, we make sure you understand all the choices you’ll make so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is protected from the elements

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Looking to make home updates that give your home the curb appeal you want?

Don't be overwhelmed by all the choices you have to make. We can help you with:

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    Homeowners want to know their home improvements will last.
    After working on 20,000 homes over the past 40 years, we know which materials are worth the investment and which warranties will protect your home throughout the years.

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    Your roof should protect you from the harsh Wisconsin weather.
    If you're thinking about replacing your roof, read this guide about warranties first. It walks you through the different types of roofing warranties available and supplies you with questions to ask your prospective contractor. Don't buy a new roof with out reading it!
    Tri-County Tips & Tricks

    Our best insights on home improvement projects.

    • By Chuck Zeka
    • 23, June
    Why Do You Need to Know How Old Your Roof Is?

    Your roof completes the look of your home and offers protection against harsh weather conditions. While being an essential part of the house, it isn’t uncommon for homeowners not to know much about it. Its age isn’t something you usually think of until your roofing contractors ask about it when you get in touch with …

    • By Chuck Zeka
    • 08, June
    Is It a Good Idea to Get Grilles for Your Windows?

    Homeowners usually ask if they need grilles when replacing their windows. In the past, grilles were used for structural support. At that time, it was difficult to transport windows without the risk of damage. As a result, manufacturers shipped them in smaller sections, which installers later joined with grilles. It isn’t the case anymore in …

    • By Chuck Zeka
    • 19, May
    Why Is Effective Attic Ventilation Important for Your Roof?

    Many homeowners don’t think about attic ventilation, but it’s actually one of the most important parts of your home. With the right amount of ventilation in your attic, you add extra protection to your roofing system and improve the comfort of your family. Not only that, but it also helps you save money on your …

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